Food Matters Detox Guide

Food Matters Detox Guide

This is the detox that we do a few times a year to keep us clean, focused and on track with our life’s mission. We always have people ask us what they can do if they feel sluggish, tired or sick and this is the answer. Whether you’re a business professional or stay at home mom this quick & easy detox has been designed for everybody.


This is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to apply the principles addressed in the film and give you a head start to a healthier you. This guide will help you find better alternatives for the foods your body might not agree with, and give you the tools and skills necessary to prepare more nutritious meals. Plus it’s now available as a printed book and instant download!



What’s included in the guide:


3 day step by step guided detox program


Quick and simple healthy recipes


Nutritional benefits of key ingredients


7 day meal planner (for after the 3 day detox)


Shopping lists, tools and equipment list


What you will get out of this guide:


Understand the principles of healing foods


Learn how to break up and expel toxins through detoxification


Rebuild your immune system as you replenish nutrients


Learn how to raise your energy levels


Eliminate gas and bloating with proper whole food nutrition


Reach your optimal weight


Know how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for you and your family


We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Many of us are unknowingly suffering from food sensitivities and allergies which are preventing us from reaching optimal health and an ideal body weight.


What makes this guide so special is that it will help expand your knowledge of healthy foods and lifestyle choices and give you more choices for every day healthy living.


We created this guide as we saw a need for a simple, yet effective detox program that anyone can enjoy. It includes healthy recipes that we regularly prepare for ourselves. We love sharing what we eat to stay healthy and hope that you love it too.



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