Community Announcements

Community Announcements

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At the Heart of  Sharing Self-Improvement is our Community because Community is our Heart.♥


Here is where you say it out loud and shout it proud!

At Sharing Self-Improvement we understand the human need to be seen, valued and appreciated.

We all have something to announce so welcome to the perfect platform to share what’s important to you!

Perhaps it’s your birthday, or just passed your driving test? A new job, promotion or you’ve finally completed your business website?

Started university, relocated up north? Taken a sabbatical or completed on your brand new home?

Met a new guy, a new gal, getting married, divorced or new baby’s just arrived?!

Whatever is important in your life is important to us, because we care.

Post it, blog it, sent us your pics, be seen and heard on the pages of our Community.