Awareness as it compliments Spirituality

Spirituality and Awareness

Awareness, self-improvement, spiritual growth, spirit, spiritual development

In a previous discussion on awareness we looked at the different types and how essential it is for daily survival.

I talked about the practical basic awareness which signals a warning under dangerous conditions. The innate awareness which is very similar to your intuition and is in tune with the vibrational frequencies of others around you.  It kicks in as a response to a fight or flight situation.

We also looked at compartmentalised awareness which by its nature is disconnected, incomplete and separate because it sees parts but not the whole.

We also looked at the relationship awareness has with development and concluded that awareness without development has little value. Which leads nicely into the question:

What is Development?

Development is a continuous process to improve the condition of your life. It is the proactive pursuit and participation of goals and objectives which bring a sense of accomplishment, stability and well-being.

There are different areas of development that can be pursued in one’s life:

  • Personal development
  • Intellectual or Educational development
  • Business development
  • Physical or Fitness development
  • Career development

The above examples are all worthy pursuits and you may have excelled in more than one of these areas. However the pursuit of Spiritual. Development lies at the cornerstone of the others.

Dedicating your life to intellectual or business development is sure to bring a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However the journey to pursue the ultimate goal through Spiritual Development has a distinctive unifying quality.

It is not divisive but works within a framework of inclusion, equality and connection.

The Unifying Quality of Spiritual Development

Awareness, self-improvement, spiritual growth, spirit, spiritual development

It is quite possible to reach the plateau of physical development. You can attain a perfectly shaped body with contours and curves in all the right places and proportion. It is much the same as reaching the top of your career with the well- deserved title of CEO printed across every letterhead.

You can function quite happily in the world under the transient titles that define you. But everything in the finite world is subject to change.

Your body at the age of 25 will look quite different at 55. Retirement may seem way in the future but your company’s restructure will wave you goodbye in a minute.

Without being cynical, flippant or negative the reality is that the only constant in life is change. The external components of your life will eventually change.

Here is where personal development and Spiritual development part company and you will discover the unifying quality of Spiritual Development.

The road of Spiritual development is the glue which binds the various aspects of your life together. It is the all-encompassing, all powerful and perfect essence of Spirit which is the real treasure at the end of the rainbow. It will never change.

The road of Spiritual development will unveil your Inner Self and you will experience the world as a whole. You will not feel separate or disconnected but you will grow to an increased level of expansion, unity and awareness.

Awareness is the central theme of Spiritual growth.

Your Journey of Awareness

As you develop Spiritually your awareness will become enhanced as a natural part of the process.

In many ways the two are intrinsic and complement each other perfectly. Your awareness of the world will be through the spectacles of Spirituality, giving you with the most beautiful and pleasing view.

Your awareness will be awakened.

Awakened Awareness

Awareness, self-improvement, spiritual growth, spirit, spiritual development

What does it mean to be fully awake?

To be fully awake will bring a deep and meaningful awareness to your life. It will connect you to the Soul of humanity with the unifying thread or energy force that binds us all together. Through your awakened state of awareness you will:

  • Feel connected to all of Humanity and relinquish any need to dominate or control.
  • See value in your fellowman.
  • Live, Laugh and Love from a peaceful place within.
  • Feel a desire to bring dignity and respect to all who live on this earth and contribute to making the world a better place.
  • Feel a new level of empathy towards those less fortunate.
  • You will feel compelled to affect change around the world regardless of how small.
  • Injustices will inspire you to act.
  • You will feel compassion towards strangers.
  • Develop deep, meaningful and life-long connections with those who come into your life
  • Recognise your dysfunctions and defects in your own life and work towards happiness, improvement and change.
  • Feel peace within.

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May you be fully awake as you journey through your life.

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful


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