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Weight loss almost always features on the agenda of most women and I can tell you, I am no exception! Though my weight has been pretty stable for the last 5 to 6 years or so, it was a very different picture during the earlier period of my life.

Back then, I was a classic yoyo case and struggled to keep up with the never-ending weight loss roller coaster ride! I wasn’t particularly overweight, except maybe for the puppy fat I piled on after the birth of my kids. My problem was that I couldn’t keep my weight steady! It was easy to reach my sexy, slim, slinky, trim goal but before I could say ‘time for a snack, the fat was back!

And so it went on for years and years and as I got older of course, it got harder to burn the fat! I had to work out twice as hard to look half as good!

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Yes, sorry to say, the process your body uses to convert food into energy, aka your metabolism, slows down as you get older!

As part of my new series on Health and Natural Supplements, I’ll be giving you the skinny on Weight Loss.

I’ve packed in lots of juicy gems but as not to overwhelm you, I’ve split the blog in to 2 parts. Today’s blog will shortly be followed by Part 2.

I’ll share what has worked for me and as usual, I’ll point you in the right direction to Natural Supplements to support your Weight Loss challenges with user- friendly info and practical solutions.

Today I’ll cover:

  • Overweight Overview
  • Are You Overweight?
  • Why Being Overweight is NOT cool. Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity
  • Other Reasons You Don’t Want To Be Overweight

And in Part 2 you can read about:

  • Food to Avoid When It Comes to Weight Loss
  • Healthy Choices for Weight Loss
  • Exercise Your Way To Weight Loss
  • Weight Loss Tips
  • Natural Supplements For Weight Loss

Overweight Overview

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Super slim and sexy or bulging Betty? If it’s the latter, you are certainly not alone! Obesity is one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most troubling health problems.

According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009–2010 more than 2 in 3 adults in the U.S (68.8 percent) are considered to be overweight or obese.

More than 1 in 3 adults in the U.S (35.7 percent) are considered to be obese and more than 1 in 20 adults in the U.S are considered to have extreme obesity!

The statistics are even worse if you are Hispanic, black and are aged 20 and older. Overweight and obesity affect more than 3 in 4 Hispanics (78.8 percent) and black (76.7 percent).

About half of blacks (49.5 percent), and more than 1 in 3 Hispanics (39.1 percent) are considered to be obese. For whites it is (34.3 percent).

Extreme obesity affects more than 1 in 10 blacks (13.1 percent). Read more

We barely even need to rely on the data any more, a cursory observation easily reveals the horror of modern living and lifestyle choices! It is all S.A.D! The Standard American Diet, that is, rich in animal proteins and fats, high in cholesterol and saturated fats, high in processed foods and salt and low in fibre, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables.

But you know what is really sad, it that this type of diet is not just getting you fat, it’s slowly killing you in the process!

Are You Overweight?

Mayo Clinic says that if your body mass index, or BMI, is between 25.0 and 29.9, you are overweight. A BMI above 30 is considered obese. To calculate your BMI, you divide your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in metres).

So, for example, if you weigh 70 kg and are 1.75 metres tall, your BMI is 70/(1.75 x 1.75), which is 22.9.

Or better still try Dr Hall’s BMI Calculator

The BMI can be a useful tool but it has some limitations Not all doctors rely on BMI and some do not use it at all. The main reason is because it only takes into account your weight and height leaving out other important factors. I discuss it in more detail HereDisease and belly fat

Your waist circumference is a better indicator of risk for developing health problems such as coronary heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Having an apple or a pear shaped body more accurately predicts the state of your health.

The risk to your health is greater if you mainly carry a lot of extra fat around your waist (‘apple-shaped’), rather than mainly on your hips and thighs (‘pear-shaped’).

The easiest way to measure your waist circumference is to place the tape measure around your waist at belly button level.

Your ideal waist size is about half your height. The following calculation is based on a 6ft 1″ man. 6 x 12 inches (because there are 12 inches in a foot) = 72 inches, add the odd inch = 73 inches then divide by 2 = 36.5 inches. A circumference greater than 36.5 means you’ve got too much belly fat going on!

At 5’2” Waist size should be 31

At 5’5” Waist size should be 32.5

At 5’8” Waist size should be 34

At 5’11” Waist size should be 35.5

At 6’2” Waist size should be 37

Why Being Overweight Is NOT Cool.  Health Risks Of Overweight And Obesity

Being over weight comes at a very heavy price! (not pun intended)! 🙂

Not only does it increase your mortality rate, the heavier you are the greater the risk of developing following serious disease:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Some types of cancer: breast, colon, endometrial (related to the uterine lining), and kidney
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (fatty liver)

Read more

And when you think that 9 out of 10 people with newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes are overweight, heavy is just not cool! Unless you think shooting insulin in to your veins 2 or 3 times a day has some appeal. Or obsessively tracking your porridge and pasta to stay within your target range sounds like fun!

If you are overweight or obese you may also have an increased risk of developing:

  • Impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes)
  • High cholesterol or triglyceride levels
  • Fertility problems
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Complications in pregnancy
  • Stress incontinence (leaking urine when you are, for example, laughing, coughing, etc)
  • Gallstones
  • Heartburn (gastro-oesophageal reflux)Gout
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Asthma

Read in full here

Other Reasons You Don’t Want To Be Overweight

Getting to a healthy weight has as much to do with the inside as it does with the outside. Being overweight or obese take its toll on your quality of life in the following less obvious ways:

Mental Health

There is an intimate relationship between obesity and Mental Health. If you are overweight you are much more susceptible to developing depression and other Mental Illness and vice versa. In a recent review authors found that‘Obese persons had a 55% increased risk of developing depression over time, whereas depressed persons had a 58% increased risk of becoming obese’.

The social stigma attached to being overweight can be as damaging to a child as the physical diseases itself. Read more

Poor Self Esteem And Negative Body Image

If you are overweight or obese, you are more likely to suffer from low self esteem or have issues around body image. Having low self esteem robs you of the life experiences that would otherwise add colour and zest to your life. Your peripheral vision reduces your view of the world to dark and lonely instead of bright and boldly!

You are less likely to engage in social activities and the only dating ‘scene’ you’re prepared to consider is one that is ‘seen’ from afar! Up, close and personal is much less of an option when your self-esteem goes down the toilet!

Low self esteem is most troubling because it can set in motion a course of self-destructive behaviour that also allows mistreatment and abuse from others.

Obesity Sabotages Your Sex Life

Obesity lowers your libido! According to a study from Duke University, up to 30% of obese people seeking help controlling their weight indicated problems with sex drive, desire, performance, or all three.

The reality is we live in a society that puts a huge emphasis on looks. When you look, feel and act sexy it does wonders for your self-esteem which can translate to a super sex life!

Belly fat, lose belly fat, how to lose weight, healthy living, fat burning

Conversely when you are overweight or obese, you feel fat, frumpy and grumpy! This also translates to your sex life and you are far more likely to give sex a big thumbs down!

Gaining excess body fat messes with your mojo and hormones associated with your libido can take a serious hit!

Jennifer Berman, MD, a urologist and sexual-health expert in Los Angeles says ‘It’s a chain reaction. Increased BMI causes levels of a natural chemical known as sex-hormone-binding globulin to increase, which causes testosterone levels to fall. In addition, high cholesterol associated with obesity can lead to plaque buildup in the blood vessels that supply the pelvic region, slowing blood flow to the genitals and inhibiting sexual arousal.

Lack of blood flow to the penis in men is associated with Erectile Dysfuncion (ED). Read here

Lack Of Vitality Affects Your Mentality

Is there anything worse than that slow, sluggish, sloth feeling that comes with low energy? Your mind might be willing but your body is weathered and weak! Everything is an effort and no matter how much effort you put in to everything, all you really want to do is sprawl out in front of the T.V!

Imagine such a feeling multiplied by a 1000! That’s what being overweight does to your energy levels. Not only does it weigh you down, it puts undue stress on your joints.

A lack of energy affects even everyday fun stuff like shopping, socializing with friends, walking your dog and playing with your kids! And low energy doesn’t go down well when it’s time to embark on a new project, encounter or adventure!

And if you’ve ever suffered with low energy, have you noticed how it affects your mentality? You barely want to leave the house, your get and go has got up and gone! And as for the cobwebs in your brain all they seem to do, is make life fuzzy!

You’re tired of being tired, making your morning cuppa feels like you’ve gone a round or two with Mike Tyson!

If you are overweight or obese, you can probably relate to feeling this way!

Fatigue and obesity are now known to be linked to a common abnormality – a condition known as Insulin Resistance. Read more

Obesity Linked To Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea (AP-ne-ah) is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep. Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They may occur 30 times or more an hour. Typically, normal breathing then starts again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound.

Several types of sleep apnea exist, but the most common type is obstructive sleep apnea. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can lead to serious complications, including cardiovascular disease, accidents, and premature death.

In adults, the most common cause of obstructive sleep apnea is excess weight and obesity. More here

Being overweight leads to a wide range of medical conditions such as atherosclerosis, Type 2 Diabetes and the liver disease Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. All these diseases cause fatigue.

More Weight Less Salary!

Overweight women are more likely to make less money than people of ‘normal’ weight! And if a woman is overweight, employers are less likely to select her to fill a higher-wage job that involves interacting with the public.

Studies have found that if you’re a woman who is 13 pounds overweight or more, it can mean losing $9,000 a year in salary. The study in full here.

As you can see there is every reason to lose weight and least of all for the aesthetics!

Weight is intimately linked to your health and health is your greatest asset! Assessing your health should be a regular part of your routine because prevention is better than cure.

How Healthy Are You?


You can assess the true state of your health in less than 10 minutes by taking our True Health Assessment.

It is totally personalized and can put you on the road to PHENOMENAL! What would phenomenal health mean to you? More energy? Greater confidence? Shameless between the sheets? This and a brand new lease on life?

Once you complete your assessment I will be notified though your results are confidential. You will however be eligible for a complimentary Health Consultation with me. I am a Certified Life Coach & Professional Health Coach and will prepare a customized Health Plan based on the results of your Health Assessment.

As a Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach I can also work one to one with you to help zap your fat and get you in to your GORGEOUS! I understand that gorgeous is a state of mind so I work with you holistically from the inside out. If this resonates with you please take a look at my Coaching Program and choose the Coaching Package that fits your need.

In Part 2 of Natural Supplements for Weight Loss, I’ll be getting down and dirty with weight loss solutions and a whole lot more. I’ll also share a specific plan to support your Weight Loss challenge.

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As always

Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful♥

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PS. If you’re ready, steady, ‘no hold back’ to go, get on board TODAY to a healthier, sexier YOU! You are so worth it! Simply click here for your True Health Assessment!

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Binks M, Adolfsson B. Duke study reports sex, self esteem diminish for morbidly obese. CDS Rev. 2005 Jul-Aug;98(4):28-9.


Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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