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It pains me when I look around and see so many unhealthy people, it’s not hard to see we are becoming a nation plagued with obesity, chronic disease and lethargy. We live in an age of medical breakthroughs, advances in technology and major developments in the science of medicine and there’s no doubt we are living longer. However for the first time in our history, living longer has never come at such a high cost and compromise to our quality of life. People are spending a longer portion of their lives managing chronic degenerative diseases! We are living longer but not stronger and ill-health has reached epidemic levels!

Poor life style choices, lack of exercise and love of fast food has left us over-fed and under nourished. The only winners  in this game is the fast food industry that has seen sales increase by 2000% since 1981! We are paying a premium for convenience over our health.

So what are the answers and what steps can you take to protect your health and longevity?

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To address that question I’ve started a new series on Health & Supplementation. These blogs are intended to give you useful information on your individual health concerns in a way that is uncomplicated and user-friendly!

But because you are looking for a solution to your problem, my blog series will also provide a comprehensive program of Natural Supplement recommendations to support your health challenges. Now that’s BIG because although education is a key component in this process, action gets you traction and will take your health to a whole new level!

As the first blog in this series, I share everything I know about Nutritional Supplements and why they are essential for your Health and Wellness.

I’ll cover:

  • Magic Pill or Make Some Changes
  • Some Staggering Statistics on Chronic Disease
  • Why Supplement
  • Food or Pharmaceutical Grade, know the difference!
  • The Pitfalls of Nutrition
  • How To Choose The Right Supplement
  • Take Your Health Assessment Today

Magic Pill or Make Some Changes

There is endless debate on whether nutritional supplements actually benefit your health and you’ll find a zillion studies both supporting and refuting their use. You’ll hear some of the absurd claims that a magic pill will miraculously cure your chronic fatigue or transform your body from bulky to bikini!

The truth is, much like everything else you do in your life, you have to take information in with a pinch of common-sense and get real about your expectations! How you approach a particular topic will invariable impact the outcome. So if you think a quick fix will do the trick, then you’re going to be disappointed. If you keep repeating the things that haven’t worked for you in the past, chances are, they’ll continue not working for you in the present. If you take in all the network noise out there, you’ll become so bombarded and overwhelmed, analysis paralysis may get the best of you!

So before I continue, there’s a couple of small caveats that will help you get the most out of this information:

  • Be realistic! Nutritional Supplements are not magic pills
  • Be open and willing to change. This may include lifestyle changes
  • Trust me! Not in a blind, unquestioning kind of way but for the sake of what you learn here, block out the network noise for now, and know that what I share comes from a place of love, sincerity and personal experience!

With that said, let’s get on with the task at hand and I’ll tell you why you should supplement if you want the best for your health and well-being!

Some Staggering Statistics on Chronic Disease

  • Heart disease affects more than 79 million Americans and is responsible for 40 percent of all deaths.
  • Over the past 15 years, the prevalence of diabetes in the U.S has more than doubled.
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower-limb amputations other than those caused by injury, and new cases of blindness among adults.
  • 50% of children born after 2000 in the U.S are expected to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Seven of the top 10 causes of death in 2010 were chronic diseases. Two of these chronic diseases—heart disease and cancer—together accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths.
  • Cancer will affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the United States, and the number of new cases of cancer is set to nearly double by the year 2050. A similar story befalls those living in the U.K.

This is not a pretty picture and should be sounding some ear-screeching warnings to you by now! But here’s one last thing to think about to crank it up a decibel or two! Chronic degenerative disease like diabetes develops over a lifetime and is a gateway to other serious diseases such as blindness, kidney failure, hypertension, amputation and stroke!

The saddest thing of all is that with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, chronic disease is preventable. According to the American Heart Association for example, 80% of all heart disease is preventable.

And the Nutrition Source from Harvard T H Chan School of public Health tells us that 90% of all cases of diabetes 2 is preventable.

The L.A Times report 60% of cancer can also be prevented.

Why Supplement?

As bleak as the picture may look, chronic disease can be avoided. When you begin to understand the underlining causes of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes etc. is linked to oxidative stress that activates inflammation. During the natural process of the cell, oxygen is being utilized to create energy and every now and again a charged oxygen molecule is created called a free radical.


Over time charged free radicals reap havoc and attack various parts of your body. Unfortunately there’s no escape and our modern day lifestyles are like magnets for free radical production from food, air bound pollutants, water pollution, pesticides, cigarette smoke, excessive exercise, sunlight, radiation, prescribed drugs and the toxicity from the environment!

Modern living has evolved faster than your bodies are able to develop to counteract free radicals. Your bodies simply weren’t designed to deal with such an onslaught that renders you incapable of protecting yourself.

Living a healthy lifestyle that includes sufficient amounts of anti-oxidants is one way to neutralize free-radicals. Healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals can bolster your body’s natural defences making cellular nutrition your best hope of winning the war against chronic degenerative disease.

If you give your body the right level of nutrition it starts to respond and you can get back to a better state of health.

As passionate as I am about good healthy food, I’ve learned that cellular nutrition at optimal levels is key to providing vital nutrients to your cells, empowering the cell’s own healing process. This is really important to understand because medical study’s on the topic of oxidative stress and the amount of nutrients needed to provide health benefits are significantly greater than the suggested Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) levels.

You could consume 1 orange to get the amounts of vitamin C your body needed back in the early 1900’s for example. Today you would need to consume 8 oranges to get the same levels of Vitamin C.

Oh the good old days when food tasted better and were naturally full of goodness! With the nutritional gaps in the way that food is grown today you simply cannot get the quality of nutrition your body needs.

So even if you eat well you still need to supplement!

It is worth noting that in 2002 the American Medical Association reversed its stance from saying no-one needed supplements to ‘it would be prudent for all adults to take a multi-vitamin.’

Food or Pharmaceutical Grade, know the difference!

The question of whether we need to supplement often comes up and although my answer is an unequivocal YES, it is super important to choose nothing else but a high quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement.

Pharmaceutical grade means that the product has been manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conditions and is pure, safe and reliable. Companies must be compliant with the stringent guidelines set by pharmaceutical GMP’s. In the U.S fewer than 3% of the products on the market are pharmaceutical grade.

Cheap supplements from big box stores on the other hand don’t even scratch the service when it comes to quality products based on science. In fact you would be absolutely shocked to discover the cheap fillers and binders they use like rice, house plants, cork by-products, chemical dyes, sodium benzoate, dextrose, and propylene glycol just to name a few. Read more

Sadly many of the supplements found on the shelf of GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens are synthetic, poor quality, falsely labeled and fakes!

Although there is much debate on the topic of synthetic versus natural supplements studies indicate that the body detects the difference and that natural forms of vitamins including A, B-complex, C, D, and E are more easily absorbed by the body and have a more profound effect on deficiencies and disease than synthetics.

Some of these retail giants sell supplements that don’t even contain the herbs shown on their label! Read more

Many nutritional products simply pass through your body without sustaining bio-availability which means they are not absorbed. In other words you are pouring money down the drain much like these products are pouring out of your body!

You might be asking how can this possibly be happening? The industry is so poor regulated that you and I could literally set up shop tomorrow and start making our own supplements! (and no, you don’t get to be the boss of me 🙂 ).

Because supplements fall in to the Food Grade of raw materials used in products, the FDA does not require manufacturers to list the ingredients on the label if they are not added when making the final product. Essentially you have no way of knowing what the heck is in the bottle!

When you buy cheap supplements, you get cheap supplements that pose a risk to your health. They are often contaminated and do more harm then good as some fillers contain corn-starch and lactose that are known allergens for some people.

Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements are a whole different story! These supplements must meet a Pharmaceutical standard and are subject to rigorous testing to ensure the potency and purity of the product. This is good news for you because Pharmaceutical grade means the supplement must exceed 99% purity making them much more absorbable or bio-available to the human body. In other words they get to where they need to go quickly and do a FANTASTIC job! And who doesn’t want healthy cells because you know that it equals a healthy body that will undoubtedly function at an optimal level!

With a Pharmaceutical grade supplement the manufacturer doesn’t just come up with some sketchy script on the label. They are so tightly regulated that companies producing these supplements are legally bound to ensure the label matches the product. More good news for you and guarantees they don’t contain binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

So now you know the difference between a Pharmaceutical Grade and a Food Grade nutritional supplement, don’t take your health for granted! Treat your body like the sacred temple it is. Maximize the inherent power of your cells with first-rate nutritional supplements and nothing less. You deserve to thrive!

The Pitfalls of Nutrition

There’s no magic pill, no kick-back easy solution, no wishful think when it comes to investing in your health. And by now you should know eating well, along with other lifestyle choices, is a mega step forward to wellness.

So if you replace your pizza with pistachio’s, bread and jelly with a bowl of salad you’ll be good to go? Not quite, unless you happen to live in Vilcabamba, Ecuador (where the locals live to the age of 100!) and grow your own produce!

Modern living has resulted in the total exploitation of the soil to the point that it is almost extinct of essential minerals. We need supplements to fill the nutritional gap.


Due to fertilization, pesticides and over-farming, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are no longer in the soil, therefore not in the plants and consequently not in your body!

Food has become significantly depleted in its in its anti-oxidant and mineral content (38% decline in nutritional value) that you can no longer hope to supply your body with the nutrition in needs from food alone.

And even if you’re a health foodie like me, the sheer volume of fruit and veggies you’d need to consume, there’s no way possible to eat 33 heads of spinach or 80 avocado’s just to get optimal levels of vitamin E for example.

As much as you love to juice, unless you are prepared to put 160 apples through your juicer every day, you’ll never get the 1200 to 2000 mg of vitamin C needed for optimal health. And as for the daily recommended servings of fruit and veg, according to some studies only 2% of the population accomplish this, so don’t feel too badly!

If by some marvel you were able to consume these high volumes of food, you still wouldn’t hit the mark because your body can only absorb nutrients gradually and not all at once. You’d only end up bloated and very uncomfortable!

To nourish, heal and protect your body at the cellular level the way nature intended, requires a holistic supplement program that is customized to meet your personal health challenges. A synergistic program that has at it’s core the most up to date nutritional research and backed by solid scientific technology.

How To Choose The Right Supplement

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There are key things to look for when choosing a Natural Nutritional Supplement.

I should know, as an Internet Marketer my job is to plough through such companies to find the diamond in the dirt, so to speak!

Due diligence is critical when choosing the right Natural Supplement and the company you go for should be able to pass the litmus test and easily answer YES to the following:

  • Is your supplement provider part of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)? (an association of dietary supplement and functional food companies that share a commitment to provide consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit, and reliability.)
  • Do they produce a Pharmaceutical Grade Nutritional Supplement?
  • Has the company acquired Drug Establishment Registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
  • Do they follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (FDA) (21 CFR, part 111) or the more stringent GMP for pharmaceuticals?
  • Are their products independently tested by a reputable company such as leading provider of independent test results and information)
  • Are their supplements manufactured in-house or by a third party outside company. (In-house guarantees greater control of the quality of the product and the manufacturing process)?
  • Is the company backed by science?
  • How much does the company invest in development and what, if any research institutions or premier universities are they aligned with?
  • Are their products balanced, potent, complete, safe and readily absorbed by the body?

Supplements can support your health and longevity. At a minimum your body requires antioxidants, Omega 3, Probiotics and a high quality multi-vitamin that work synergistically to control oxidative stress and optimize your health.

But don’t just take my work for it! As part of this series, you are invited to take your very own Health Assessment that will give you an accurate picture of the state of your health. It is a new approach to health and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. What’s more, it is totally personalized to address your individual needs.

Once you complete your assessment, you will be eligible for a complimentary Health Consultation with me. I am a Certified Life Coach & Professional Health Coach and will prepare a customized Health Plan based on the results of your Health Assessment. I should add that your answers are confidential and I DO NOT have access to your results. You will also qualify for a 10% saving if you purchase with me instead of directly via my website! Yay!

If you would like me to work with you on a more one to one basis, check out my Life Coaching Program and choose a Coaching Package that fits your needs.

I am totally excited about posting new blogs for my upcoming series. One of the things that motivate me to share what I know and what works is my personal experience of living a healthy life. At the age of 50 I feel PHENOMENAL and full of energy. I have dedicate my life to the service of others to help you feel that way too!

Take control of your health and fast-track to FABULOUS today!

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As always Be blessed, stay beautiful.

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P.S To book your personal 30 minute consultation with me on Skype audio be sure to complete your True Health Assessment. You can also contact me here with questions or concerns about your health. It’s always my pleasure to serve you! 🙂

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