7 Easy Steps to Create Happiness in Your Life

7 Easy Steps to Create Happiness in Your Life

We all want it. We are all desperately searching for it and most of us working ridiculously hard to find it.

So what is it about happiness that eludes the majority of the population?

Why does happiness seem to flutter in, out and around like an illusive star that for the most part, remains out of reach?

Perhaps it is because happiness is not something to be found. It is not here, there and everywhere hiding in the hazy quagmire of life.

Perhaps happiness is closer than we think and concealed in the chambers of our Soul waiting to be unleashed. I believe happiness is inside and so the question becomes, how do you create it outside?

Here are 7 steps to creating Happiness from the inside out.

  1. Nurture Your Mind

Put your mind in its place! But in order to do so you must understand some of the principle dynamics of your mind:

  • You are the Master of your Mind
  • Mind is the Magnet of your Thoughts
  • Mind is the realm of Pure Potentiality
  • Cause and Effect originate in your Mind

You may think of yourself as having a mind, body and spirit all molded together to form a single unit that is YOU. While this may be true, I want you to think of yourself as being separate from your mind. When you think of your mind as being a separate entity, you develop the idea that you are NOT your mind. You are not the thoughts that enter or exist in your mind.

If this is a new concept to get your head around the following example may help.

‘I am ugly”, ‘I am stupid’ ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not that clever’, I’m fat’, I’m ashamed’, ‘I’m messed up’.

These are the thoughts of your mind. Are they you? No. They have are the limiting beliefs that have taken root in your mind but they are not you.

You could therefore say that your thoughts are just perceptions which can change from time to time depending on what you mind gives power to. The more power you give an idea or perception, the more it becomes real in your mind. But with the endless stream of changing thoughts, the one constant is YOU, your thoughts are the part of you that are forever changing.

William Shakespeare says it best in his quote:

‘Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’

Getting to grips with this concept lays a really strong foundation for incorporating some of the mind’s principle dynamics I mentioned earlier.

Being the Master your Mind for example is far easier from the standpoint of you are not your mind. Thinking of yourself as a separate entity allows you to nurture and support positive thoughts and reframe and reject negative, limiting thoughts or beliefs that cloud your happiness.

Practicing this daily will ensure you put your Mind in its Place!

  1. Smile More Complain Less

Smiling is good for the Soul. Not only does it make you look good and feel good, it has the quality of shifting your vibrational frequency from negative to positive.

If you can imagine that everything that exists is made of energy vibrating at various speeds. Heavy dense objects vibrate at a slower speed while lighter sparse objects vibrate at much faster speeds. When you apply this idea to your emotions, it is exactly the same.

Hatred, sloth and negativity are the heavy emotions that quite literally slow you down. Is it no wonder that people who fall in to this category are carrying the world on their shoulder? Their load is heavy not just for them but for the poor souls they’re complaining to!

Love, kindness and positivity on the other hand have the opposite energetic value. There’s no slowing down those who fall into this category. You usually spot them a mile away because their shine is incredibly radiant. They are light, nibble and ready to mingle!

So even on an energetic level smiling really does lift your spirits. It lifts it from a lower to higher frequency. So keep smiling and be happy! 🙂

On a neurological level, smiling triggers brain activity. The left prefrontal cortex of your brain is the positive zone that registers the positive feelings of love and happiness.

On a bio-chemical level, smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. They are the feel good hormones that well… make you feel good. 🙂

The mind body connection is synergistically wired to make smiling good for your Soul!

  1. Live In The Moment of Now

The only reality that is real, is in the moment of now. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow is yet to come.

If you are stuck in the nostalgia and regrets of the past, it means you are exerting energy on something that has already happened and with all the will in the world, cannot be changed.

Constantly thinking about the future is just as futile because it has not happened yet. In every second there are hundreds of outcomes that may or may not come about tomorrow.

Why not put your energy in the moment where Life is Happening? The Moment of Now. Where if you listen, you will hear the birds sing. You will smell the aroma of a field full of flowers. You will delight in the beautiful creation that is all around you, not in the pre-occupied chatters of yesterday or tomorrow, but in the glorious moment of Now.

Practice bringing your thoughts in to the moment. Your senses will be heightened because they are not being filtered out by a stream of relentless and obsrtuctive thoughts. The practice is often referred to as Mindfulness whereby you bring your focus to the present moment.

When your focus is in the present, you begin to appreciate life as a gift. You understand that there may not be a tomorrow, so you appreciate and cherish it all today.

Live, Love and Laugh in the precious moment of Now.

    4.   Accept The Things You Cannot Change PBBoxing

Stop fighting up life! The amount of energy you waste thinking about and trying to change the impossible is depleting and pointless.

There are some things you simply can do nothing about.

Let it go and set yourself free. If the pains of your past are still hurting, it’s because you’ve allowed them to infiltrate your present in a way that does not support you. They have taken a stranglehold without your permission and reap heartache and havoc in your life.

Don’t make your thoughts the boxing ring of your life. Forgive the pains of the past and let go otherwise you’ll be going far more rounds than 12!

Some people never stop fighting and the boxing gloves only come off when there is literally no more fight and of course then, it’s too late.

Accept you for what you are. Accept your life for what it is. That doesn’t means you cannot change or become better. Indeed you should but it creates a healthy mindset for the gracious unfolding of what is to be.

When you operate from this place, you are far more kinder and gentler with yourself and accept the unfoldment of the process. You are not beating yourself up everyday with the shudda, wudda cudda hammer.

You learn the lessons of yesterdays to make it a better tomorrow.

     5.   Be Still

Life sure is noisy! The kids, the office, the Iphone, the husband, the lover. The train, the traffic, the music, the wife, the significant other!

When was the last time you took time out and listened to the sound of silence?

Most people don’t make time in their lives to just be. To meditate or simply commune with nature and yet it is such a necessary condition for happiness to flow. Being still and at peace is your essential nature.

When you strip away the hype and hullabaloo there is only the essence of you. There is no noise or commotion, no ruckus or explosion. There is stillness and there is peace, a place where all worries cease.

Practicing this daily will bring more meaning to your life and naturally leads to happiness.

    6.   Gratitude is the Best Attitude


I love this one! Gratitude is the gracious state of your Soul. What do I mean by that?

Think of your Soul as a bird. As it flies to the furthest reaches of the earth with a graceful glide, it has the most beautiful view of the entire creation. It marvels at the snowcapped mountains and glory’s at the glistening ocean. As it continues its journey it delights in moments of joy and laughter and can’t wait for another day.

Living in a perpetual state gratitude emits the gracious energy of a bird (your Soul). You are thankful for all you see. You enjoy a bird’s eye view of life and appreciate everything from a roach to the glorious ravine. From family and friends who enrich and make your life better. Even when life seems dark, you look out and are pleased to see the light and feel comforted by its warm embrace.

Feel blessed because indeed blessed is what you are and take nothing for granted. Stop for a moment or two and look at the goodness in your life and with humble poise, say Thank You.

     7.   Give Kindness and Love To Others

I recently had an experience that speaks to the energetic and magnetic quality of kindness and love.

As a newbie to Twitter I was a bit scared and nervously put myself out there in the virtual abyss of social media.

I was pleasantly surprised when someone responded to my very first tweet and began following me! I was so happy to get 13 followers and I guess my confidence grew more and more.

One of the things I do very well is love and show kindness and so I did just that on the social media platforms. My following began to grow and grow until I had over a thousand followers all because I applied the same principles in a new arena. Perfect strangers were responding to me with baskets full of love.

Love and kindness makes the world go round. Giving it freely makes the world better and best of all, it makes you feel great!

If you’ve ever brought a smile to a kid’s face because of something you’ve said or done and their whole face lights up, you’ll know the power of love and kindness.

I believe that when you give love and kindness, you open the celestial portals that pour the like for like energy back into your life.

What ever you give out to the Universe is always counted and comes right on back to you.

I’ve had so many instances in my own life where I’ve been stuck or needed help and there has always been a stranger or a friend or a set of unexplained circumstances that come together to support me.

Kindness is classy and Love is the intrinsic flow of life.

Being happy in the 21st century is not always easy. There are so many distractions, expectations, demands and frivolous gratifications that take us further and further from our centre which really, is the only true source of happiness.

I can however say with certainty that the more you practice the concepts I have discussed in my blog, the more you will align with the natural order of life.

One of my all time favourite escapes that help bring instant calm and clarity is meditation. With all the demands of daily life, it’s a great way to get my fix, even when I’m on the go!

With LifeFlow Meditation 2.0  you can float away into oblivion right in the snuggles of your armchair. Click on the link to find out more.

Being happy is your right. You deserve happiness in every aspect of your life and just one small action step on a consistent basis, can really bring about the happiness you desire.

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Be Blessed, Stay Beautiful

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Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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12 Responses

  1. This is another lovely post, Michelle, filled with your signature of compassion and wanting to be of service to others. I remember reading that happiness usually is associated with things outside of ourselves and is indeed fleeting, while joy is an attitude of the heart. Reading your post reminded me of this as your seven easy steps seem to all be about “joy” to me. A sense of an inner state we all are striving to find and be in as often as possible. And I agree that it is getting increasingly noisy in our world, and finding some quiet and inner calm goes a long way to finding the happiness we all seek. Gratitude of course and smiling absolutely. Both of these are essential to being of service to both ourselves and others in the world. Many thanks for shedding some light on how we each can take steps to increase our happiness from the inside out!

  2. Deb says:

    Wowza, wowza – this is the post of all posts. Each of your seven steps resonates with me – made me smile from start to finish. These seemingly simple life adjustments can make a huge impact on the type of day and life we have. AND – we have the power to have a happy life by making good decisions. Powerful post, as always, Michee.

  3. Yes! All of this! I strongly believe that happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy and then act accordingly. I love that you counted mastering your mind as the first step in achieving happiness. It really is a mindset.

  4. Michee says:

    Beautiful words Beverley, thank you. Joy certainly is an attitude of the heart because of course that’s where it emanates from. Being in a state of joy pervades the many different layers of our lives but most importantly it is the one constant that assures a sense of inner peace and happiness. We then go out in to the world clothed with the qualities that add meaning to those we serve. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a soulful life! 🙂

  5. Michee says:

    Ahhh thank you so much Deb for your heart-felt comments which reinforce the why of what I do! I am positively delighted to bring a smile to your face and I’m encouraged to keep writing to make others smile too! We have created an incredibly complex world and seem to approach everything from this perspective when really, the old adage still runs true, ‘the best things in life are free’ and if I may add, simple! Simple life adjustments, as you say, can bring tremendous happiness and the journey of a thousand miles, starts with one small step!

  6. Michee says:

    Thank you Niquenya, your comments bring to mind Lao Tzu’s quote ‘He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.’ The Mastering of one’s mind is the most rewarding journey because it allows you to make choices that support your growth and evolution. Master your mind, master your life!

  7. Renee says:

    Michelle, thank you so much for these beautifully wonderful steps to happiness. I love the simplicity yet amazing strength of these amazing steps to happiness. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    What a calming article! I am a big fan of living in the moment. Our past can’t hurt us and it helps when we try to stay present in the moment. The Mind is a powerful tool and can be used for positive and negative. Whether to think you can or can’t, you are correct!

  9. Michee says:

    It’s a pleasure Renee, creating happiness really is a simple process, it just seems difficult in a complicated world!

  10. Michee says:

    I agree with you Sharise living in the past is painful because it’s gone and can never be relived again. Life itself is taking place in the moment and that’s where the unlimited possibilities lie. The Mind is indeed a powerful tool and can be used for destruction or construction. Positive thoughts (with action) will invariably build the life of your dreams!

  11. Awesome! 🙂 I offer refer to the AA`s prayer:
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
    The courage to change the things that I can..
    And the wisdom to know the difference.
    Your post is very similar! 🙂

  12. Michee says:

    A beautiful prayer indeed Norma. 🙂

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