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What a busy week! After the launch of my website, networking on Social Media, promoting my affiliate products, blogging and an endless list of tasks desperately needing my attention, I’m dead beat!

I just about managed to get to mid-afternoon on a very wet, cloudy Friday afternoon and decided, I need some ‘ME’ time!

So off went Facebook, Twitter, my laptop, Ipad, smart phone and everything else with a wifi connection. The only why I was interested in at this point, was in answer to some profound thoughts I’d been having recently about my life.

Like why am I here? What does being here mean to me? And does it match my purpose and bring joy and meaning to my life?

It felt good being home alone. The kids had left earlier for school and after lunch I sat out on the porch and looked forward to touching base with some inner calm, far away from the mayhem and madness that had been my working week.

Even though the rain seemed to be on some sort of relentless mission for most of the afternoon, I enjoyed hearing the sound of raindrops as they fell heavily on the ground. But the sound was different today. It felt like forever since I’d actually listened to the sound of the rain and enjoyed watching the white fluffy clouds of mist rise from the mountains range. It was enchanting and filled me with a piece of tranquility that I’ve not felt in a while.

Living in the rainforest began to hit home as I tuned in to the trees surrounding me and submerged myself in the seductive charm of the forest. Their ancient regal allure warmed me and though the rain hindered any physical connection, I could feel a much deeper one that reached far into my Soul. Even the aroma of it all seemed to captivate and awaken my Spirit.


Perfect, I thought to myself!

It was as though the questions that I’d pondered about life and its purpose were being answered in the very moment I was living it. Not in the chaotic, crazy, stressful, oh my goodness I need to get this project finished in an hour kind of living.

No! It dawned on me in the middle of the afternoon, amongst the trees, the birds and the bees. In the heart of a Caribbean rainforest, in a quaint little village that is my home. I am living my joy!

The bohemian rhapsodies of my Soul, were the serendipitous chapters of my life and yes, they spoke volumes! Of course I am where I want to be. I am perfectly aligned with the Universe and living my life on purpose.

My Love of Nature and Living in the Now

For as long as I can remember I was always awestruck by the wonders of the Earth. I loved flowers and taking long country walks when I lived in the U.K.

I would feel exhilarated by the moon, the stars and the quintessential beauty of nature. And here it is! Right in front of me. Buried in the depth of busy, demanding and frightfully intense but non-the-less, here in my very own backyard.

It was as though I’d found a diamond in the dirt that illuminated the entire forest and whispered secrets to my Soul.

I understood fully why I was here, in this place at this time. It was a place reserved just for me. The subtotal of every single one of my experiences had prepared and propelled me to this moment of NOW.

I was here because of the choices I made, the decisions to be brave and bold and have faith in a Divine co-existence that perfected every condition of my life.

I was here because the peaks and valleys, the ebb and flow, the pinnacle and pitfalls of life were all directing my journey to fulfil a greater purpose.

I thought about all the things I love and enjoy. The things I am passionate about that get me all jazzed up. They’re all wrapped up in my purpose and bring a deep sense of meaning to my life.

Like sitting on the porch blogging on this wet and wonderful Friday afternoon, speaks to my love of writing.

Working on my website and Social Media provides the perfect platform for me to unleash my raw, unadulterated and magical creative energy.

My profession as a Health and Life Coach affords me a great opportunity to help others to also live the life they desire, not from talking the talk but from someone who has walked the walk and continues walking to pastures new!

A graceful, bold and courageous walk to the highest plateau of inner joy that ignites my life’s purpose.. How more joyful could life be than living in the precious moment of NOW?  It’s me doing me… just as long as I remember to take time out to smell the rain!

Have a beautiful day and an awesome life which I hope you live full of joy and on purpose! 🙂



Certified Life Coach and Professional Health Coach. Passionate Health and Wellness practitioner for over 20 years. Business entrepreneur and Managing Director. Fitness enthusiast with a love for cycling! Writer (blogger), Poet and Mum.

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10 Responses

  1. “Smell the rain”. I encouraged you Michee to post your blog this week & now I know why. It is exactly the space I have been in these past few weeks. Maybe it is summer time, maybe my own surprises as I experience some aging limitations, maybe just time to be reflective. I belong to a group of friends where we have been sharing our writing monthly for past 18 years. For the past year to their dismay, I’ve been reading my blog drafts. Tomorrow they come to my home and I am surprising them with a personal reflection of my state of mind. It feels good to write from the heart & not from content. I felt the space you were in when you wrote this and I know from time to time, we all go there. It feels healthy, good and connected.

  2. This is a beautiful post, Michelle and your reflections on how you arrived at a place of inner calm and knowing, is very wonderful to read about. I am in a space lately like you were at the start of this post. Questioning what it is all about and how I can be of service and live my own passions. To be in the moment is so very challenging lately it seems, and to find joy in the small moments is something I am constantly reminding myself to do.

    Your environment sounds idyllic indeed and I find the concrete city where the stressors are high, is becoming more and more of a challenge for me to navigate. I love how you took time to “smell the rain” and to find joy in that is quite lovely. I feel that way in nature as well, only not in the rain, but in the warmth of sunny days with beautiful cloudy skies.

    It is so important for us all to take moments for ourself to be with ourself and yet so many people find this difficult to do. The constant noise of the world around provides 24/7 distractions, if we choose to let them. Unplugging and tuning in becomes increasingly important to really know ourselves. I appreciate your vulnerability and as I am getting to know you more and more, I am so delighted we have met and are forging both a friendship and a team to empower others to life their own lives in health and peace. Much love! xo

  3. Ian Campbell says:

    I am so on the same wave length Michelle, there is nothing better than living in the country and being surrounded by nature. When you can also combine that with doing what you love, there is such a sense of peace and belonging. Beautiful post and very appropriate. Thank you. Cheers, Ian

  4. Kaz says:

    Great blog and I could picture it while Iwas reading. Embracing what we have now is very important, and how we can see those things is to slow down. Our life gets faster and fatser … like “quick fix” “quick way to become healthy” “faster car” “faster internet”. But we always need to have some time to slow down. We will find many things that we couldn’t see before. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Communing with nature is an excellent way to recharge with a purposeful pause. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Michee says:

    And what a beautiful space indeed Roslyn! I love the way you live your life surrounded by friends who enjoy the things you enjoy and who you connect with one another at a deep level. That is such a blessing and can only enrich your life. You are right, the blog was from my heart, no worrying about SEO, keywords, or other people’s ideas of what is and what’s not! Just flowing in the moment with what’s real. It’s funny but even now when I think about the day I wrote the post, the most compelling thoughts are around how it made me feel. That’s what I remember most! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself Roslyn. x

  7. Michee says:

    Oh my goodness Beverley I am so touched by your words and feel such a sense of connection with you as expressed your thoughts line by line! I often feel faded out by the incessant noise of our modern world and so living in a rain forest is the perfect retreat to savour that small piece of me!

    The road I live on is so remote that vehicles rarely venture up here and I can go days without being encroached upon by noises from the outside world.

    I think as we get older, at least in my experience, there is a craving to escape the distractions that add little value to our lives. Joy is found in the simple things and we strive to stay connected with our inner sanctuary. Nature is one way of doing so and is fast becoming a priority that most of us seek.

    I enjoy tuning in to the sounds of crickets and the humming of the night. I love to ‘smell the rain’ and listen to the birds which are all reminders of where life is. It is such a delight to have met you also and to share this part of our journey together. We have much work to do as we serve those around us in a spirit of openess and love.

  8. Michee says:

    You are one of the lucky ones Ian! How wonderful that you are able to combine your business with what you love and to top it all, live in a peaceful environment! It sound pretty perfect to me!

  9. Michee says:

    Yes I agree Kaz, we are living in such a fast pace environment and I believe most people are worn out by it all. There is so much pressure to keep up and shape up that it appears to erode the very essence of life itself! I think people have forgotten just how to slow down and smell the roses and even if they do stop for a whiff, the demands of modern day living dictates it’s not for long! Slowing the pace down would benefit us all and add more value and meaning to our lives. Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. Michee says:

    You’re welcome Niquenya, I love the term ‘purposeful pause’ which conjures up a picture of one intentionally preparing a beautiful space just for pause! 🙂

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